Photo by Nina Subin

Do you find yourself fighting the same battles over and over with your significant other, children, friends, or family? Are you dissatisfied at work, school, or in your personal life? Have you ever vowed to “just do things better” but found it too hard to make changes that last?

You may be repeating unhealthy patterns due to factors beyond your conscious awareness. Insight-oriented talk psychotherapy can help. While every patient is unique and everyone’s experience and progress will vary, many of my patients have found that talk therapy helps them understand their emotions, so they can free themselves from self-defeating habits and move forward with a healthier perspective on life.

My goal as a psychotherapist is to help my patients make sense of their feelings and choices. Self-knowledge is often the first step toward feeling more comfortable in their own skin, as they begin to feel less ashamed about whatever aspects of their personalities they dislike. This process can lead to greater self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as healthier relationships at home, at work, and in all aspects of daily life.

I offer individual therapy and analysis for those who feel anxious, depressed, stressed out, or generally dissatisfied with their current life circumstances. Sessions can be held weekly, twice weekly, or more often, depending on the needs of the patient. I also frequently consult with families on parenting and issues such as divorce, eating disorders, and infertility.

Should pharmacotherapy, nutrition counseling, or any medical intervention become necessary, I can provide referrals to colleagues who have the appropriate expertise in those areas.

Please note that I don’t work directly with insurance companies, but I provide monthly bills that can be submitted for reimbursement, within the rules of your insurance plan. Please check your plan carefully and contact your insurance provider with any questions about coverage.

Please also note my cancellation policy. After we agree on a time slot, I won’t give that time to any other individual who might request it. Should a time change become necessary for a particular appointment, I will make every effort to offer an alternate time during that week. But if another hour is not available, you will be responsible for the full payment for your scheduled appointment, even if you can’t make it to the office that day. It is therefore highly advisable to give me as much advance notice as possible when requesting a schedule change, to maximize the possibility that I might be able to give you an alternate slot.