Stephanie Newman, Ph.D.

Psychologist. Psychoanalyst. Author. Speaker.

a.k.a. The Psychotherapist Next Door
Stephanie Newman, Ph.D.

I wear several professional hats: as a psychologist/therapist in private practice, a nonfiction author, a novelist, and a public speaker. The connecting thread of all my work is my desire to help people overcome their challenges and lead more fulfilling lives.


I’m a board certified psychoanalyst in New York City and a Visiting Scholar/Clinical Supervisor at Columbia University. More…

  • For more than 25 years I’ve treated adults and adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression, school and workplace concerns and consulted with families on issues relating to parenting and divorce. I received my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Columbia University and my post-doctoral certificate in psychoanalysis from PANY (formerly NYU Institute).

Nonfiction Author

I write articles for publications like Psychology Today, and books such as MAD MEN ON THE COUCH (St. Martin’s Press). More…

  • It analyzed the subconscious motivations of Don Draper and other Mad Men characters. It was named one of the top ten performing arts books of the year by Publishers Weekly and became an Amazon bestseller in the psychology and entertainment categories. My articles and posts have drawn over a million responses on social media.


I’m about to publish my first novel in the Spring of 2020, BARBARIANS AT THE PTA (Skyhorse Publishing). More…

  • It uses fictional characters to offer a fresh take on the timely topics of bullying and technology overuse among both teenagers and adults. Think Desperate Housewives meets Mean Girls.

Public Speaker

I do talks and panel discussions at a wide variety of conferences and other events. More…

  • Events include workshops at schools, camps, and professional societies. My most frequent topics relate to parenting, bullying, and navigating social media.

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