Psychotherapy and Analysis

Dr. Stephanie Newman offers individual therapy and analysis for those who may feel anxious, depressed, or generally dissatisfied with current life circumstances. She also counsels those presenting with stress, financial, and workplace concerns. Sessions can be held weekly, twice weekly or more often, depending on the needs of the individual.

Dr. Newman also frequently consults with families on parenting and health issues such as divorce, eating disorders, and infertility.

Dr. Newman also lectures and offers workshops for non-therapist audiences.

Should pharmacotherapy, nutrition counseling or any medical intervention become necessary, referrals to colleagues with expertise in these areas can be provided.

Insurance plans are not accepted, but monthly bills are provided and can be submitted to insurers for reimbursement. Fees vary depending upon the type and frequency of therapy.

Cancellation policy: Dr. Newman sets aside a mutually agreed upon regular time slot and will not give that time to any other individual who might request it. As a result, all individuals are held responsible for payment in full for all scheduled appointments, even those who are unable to make it into the office on a particular day.

Should a time change be necessary for a particular appointment, every effort will be made to offer an alternate time during that week. But, if another hour is not available, individuals will be held responsible for the full amount of all of their scheduled appointments. It is, therefore, highly advisable to provide as much notice as possible when requesting a schedule change, so as to maximize the potential for accommodating any such change.