Psychology Practice

Do you find yourself fighting the same battles over and over with your spouse, children, friends, or family? Are you dissatisfied at work, school, or in your personal life? Have you ever vowed to "just do things better" or "differently?" You may be unwittingly repeating patterns and making ill-informed choices due to factors out of your conscious awareness - and insight oriented talk psychotherapy can help. Though treatment is individual and everyone's experience and progress varies, many have found that talk therapy has allowed them to understand their emotions, to free themselves from long standing self-defeating patterns, and to find a happier existence or move forward in life.

How does psychotherapy work? There are differing views and approaches of how psychotherapy works, but many therapists agree that talking to a professional can potentially help individuals know themselves and take control over their lives by increasing their awareness of maladaptive patterns and choices. Self-knowledge often brings greater freedom of choice and can confer power to control overwhelming and difficult feelings, improve life circumstances, navigate relationships, and bring about desired outcomes at work and in one's personal life.

Again, schools of thought diverge, but many agree that getting to know all the parts of one's psychology, and learning to understand one's emotions, can help individuals accept and begin to be less ashamed of their feelings and of all the different facets and aspects of their personalities. Understanding emotions is helpful because those who come to understand themselves and their emotions better may use their self-knowledge to make more productive, less self-defeating personal choices, and may begin to feel more comfortable in their own skin.